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Bitch, it’s PNAU

June 14, 2009

Just something I’ve gotten back into recently. Does anyone else get this? Phases? Seriously I love all my iPod darlings equally but shamefully, some more equally than others. Earlier this month I was reliving the eighties – well, to be pernickerty just living vicariously through it, seeing as I pledge allegiance to that adorable grey brick known as the Gameboy (a true ’90s kid) – now I am sitting comfortably back into electronica.

This music maybe familiar yonder ears. This is probably due to the frontman is now part of the Empire of the Sun duo, who seem to be getting pretty pop-u-lah these days. Anyway, this was the retro (I guess you could call it that now) sound of PNAU. Freaking love, love, love the first video. Alas, even when plundering youtube, I failed to hunt down the video for “With you Forever”. Both the songs rank pretty high with me, so I thought I would share with you all m’newest music phase:

Love their cute, fruity, candy characters. Electronica sounds so sugary.

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