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「Kit-Kat」について...A Snackie! Link Roundup

June 16, 2009

Before introducing the main subject – a side squee here – picking up my Keio Acceptance Pack tomorrow! So excited, it all seems very real now. Here’s hoping all the visa stuff works out OK…

Now then, anyone who has ventured into the colourful world of Japanese food knows that big name counterparts – paticularly in the snacks/”candy” department – provide a gazillion more obscure flavours than most folks would be used to. These are some of the ones that caught my eye today – all different versions of Kit Kat:

“Ramune” KitKat!

“Shoyu” (Soy Sauce)…

Aaand, a good ol’ favourite, Matcha (green tea powder)!

Yum yum…Looking foward to trying all this stuff out come September!

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  1. June 22, 2009 2:45 pm

    I wrote about Japanese Kit-Kat too.

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