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“Thou art a villian!”

June 16, 2009
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Returned home last night from, spending near enough a week chez les parents after a long train ride. There was one short excursion to Tesco’s (my fridge was empty save for inedible strawberries and milk that smelt like a cow’s bottom), before I snuggled up, cuppa in hand, with Romeo + Juliet. On a side note, I have become quite addicted to tea, and bought a little set of my own, including a porcelain tea pot from Whittards and many, very peculiar types of loose leaf brews. Whilst on a day trip to St. Andrews I discovered a pokey store on one of the side streets entirely devoted to the wonders of dried leaves in boiling water. There was even a Chesire Cat teapot! I wanted it purely for the kitsch points, but not enough to fork out a neat forty quid for it. Other than said teapot, the store was fantastically cheap. I bought Japanese Cherry and Coconut tea for around £4 – and regretfully did not purchase any of the other fine flavours (like Green Mango).

However last night’s cuppa is my favourite du jour; it’s called “Happiness Tea” – discovered one afternoon whilst out on Glasgow town with my mother, at a place called Brewhaha. Suffice to say the first time I saw it, with the cheeky pun on the French brouhaha (for the sound of chattering folks; crowds and such like), I vowed to visit it and actually buy something. So when the opportunity arose, I dragged my mum there, insisting she would love it. Turns out they do more than tea as well. Upon our visit, we shared a merangue and berry plate, whilst I read (or tried to decipher) the Yomiuri Shinbun.

A perfect combination...

A perfect combination...

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