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Thunderbirds are GO!

June 17, 2009

Well today has been – okay, not action packed, but it certainly felt like one.

In any case, I trudged out this morning, greeted by horrendous rainfall. It suddenly all felt more like Scotland again! On the way to my first coffee pit stop, I noticed the Beeb (BBC folks) have started to set up something interesting looking tents in Bristo Square, presumeably in preparation for the Fringe (!). Weeeell excited for this!

Alas, even though my laptop connected to the wireless sans fuss for once, the student “portal” was down, meaning that I couldn’t see my exam marks! However I did manage to pick up the Keio Acceptance Pack from our International Office – first thing I did whilst waiting on my americano was open the folder up and read the whole thing through.

Basically the “acceptance pack” included:

  • A Campus Map Leafletvery comprehensive! It includes maps (specific to the campus itself, and its wider location) and explanations of buildings’ usages. This covers (as far as I am aware) all of the Keio campuses: Mita, Shiba-Kyoritsu, Hiyoshi, Shonan Fujisawa, Shinanomachi and Yagami.
  • Acceptance Letter – this gives you details of your ‘program’, ‘student ID number’ and ‘registered period’ as well as a general contents.
  • Certificate of Admission
  • Checklist of  “Things to Complete Before Leaving for Japan” – basically a table of dates & tasks. They advise to start applying for a visa around late July to early August. It also, handily, tells you the latest date by which you ought to arrive. This year the date is September 9th – phewf! So close!
  • Details for Arrival & Orientation – dates/times for housing check-ins, the student exchange orientation (apparently attendance is mandatory), advice on your student ID card, more dates (the placement test – a whopping three hours!; your interview with academic advisor)
  • One “Exchange Student Handbook” – tells you how to apply for a visa; about housing; transport from whicever airport you land at; “things to bring”; about the Alien Registration Card and National Health Insurance as well as the address & contact details for Keio’s own international office. The Appendix offers a more comprehensive look at your ‘local’ ward office for each area where there are Keio housings. Lahvely!
  • One Semester itinerary – an academic timeline; again, very useful. It’s so nice to finally know exact dates for things!
  • And lastly, an Orientation Schedule. Which, fyi, is totally crammed from September 1- 24th. Classes start on September 25th.

There you have it! Most of the stuff isn’t very shiny, save for the campus leaflet – in fact its all pretty plain, but there really is an awful lot of information and advice.

Now if only myed (the student portal) was working…

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  1. June 23, 2009 5:58 pm

    Hmm, my admission pack from Okayama included 1 letter of acceptance, 1 leaflet on housing information and 1 leaflet on arrival information.. that’s it. I’m presuming (read: hoping) that more info will be sent at some stage over the next few months.

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