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Walk a Royal Mile in someone else’s shoes…

June 20, 2009

Thursday night was lovely; had a meal with friends at The Filling Station on the Royal Mile. Ordered perhaps the largest salad I have ever seen (Goat’s Cheese & Red Onion), which was delicious. Then we wondered around the hidden pubs of Edinburgh, including the neat little Halfway House down (excuse the name) Fleshmarket Close. After that it was on to The World’s End where we secured a cosy table by the window, drank Sailor Jerry’s and watched nightfolks lurch down to the Canongate. Then yesterday morning my mum came by to drop boxes off before jetting away to some conference or other. It’s a shame to be moving out of Edinburgh so soon, but it seems that the city is slowly emptying out of its non-native student population now anyway.

In other news, stumbled upon the website for Japanese store, Sou-sou. I have fallen in love with their tabi (which wikipedia describes as “traditional Japanese socks…ankle high and with a separation between the big toe and other toes…worn by both men and women with zori, geta, and other traditional thonged footwear.“).

And as wikipedia says, tabi are usually socks combined with special shoes that one wears with a kimono/yukata, however amongst labourers ‘tabi’ (also called ‘odori’) refer to ones worn like boots, which are apparently are very comfortable and easier to move around in than conventional shoes. Now this would undoubtbly prove a hard look to pull-off – paticularly, I imagine, for non-Asians – but…don’t the black ones just look so ninja? But more than anything the range seems like a challenge to work with, and perhaps it is the challenge of it that’s so attractive.

Items are stocked in plain, easy to work with colours or big prints. They also have a decent selection of zori – sandal like footwear.

琥珀糖 (Amber/Sugar(?))

琥珀糖 ("Amber/Sugar(?)")

花筏 (Flower Raft)

花筏 ("Flower Raft")

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