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June 22, 2009

豆しばがほしいんです! かわいいというものでしょう? 最近、なぜかかわいいことを観たら、癒やされる気がしているってへんなかもしれない...

あぁ、それはそうっ...君の日本語が上手だったら、手伝ってくれませんか? 間違いを気付いた時、書き直しためにコメントしてねぇ~♪

And cue, stage left, an obligatory post steeped in Japanese ‘culture’ of kawaii. These guys are quite old news, to be honest (I really do need to catch up. But Tokyo trends move way-ay-ay too fast), but does this stop the insane cuteness? I think. Not.

These creatures are called “mameshiba” used to great effect as a pun on several things, firstly mame can mean both “mini” or “bean”, with shiba reffering to the shiba-inu (Japanese dog breed). Mameshiba would then suggest a miniature shiba dog, but d’you see whut they did there? They’ve taken mame to mean “bean” instead! Also, the spoutings of facts by this disturbingly cute dog-faced beans comes from the phrase “mamechishiki (豆知識)” meaning “trivia”.

Mameshiba, as mascots of cuteness, have spawned a legion of delightful merchandise, not in the least limited to cellphone straps (I also spied some iPod cushions, which are also widely available in Tofu characters as well!). Honestly, I am such a keitai nerd! I can’t WAIT to get my own Japanese flip-phone and adorn it in a whole bunch of crazy crap.

Speaking of which I uncovered a most wallet-withering website, strap-ya world, a treasure trove of all things thatwillbeboughtinJapan, including a bloody awesome “Mugen Edamame Keychain” (which, incidently, is also available as an edamameshiba!):

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