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A rakigaki kinda day

June 25, 2009

Oh caffeine, you have a lot to answer for. Crazy highs, and awfully lazy lows. So yeah, been feeling so scatter brained recently, this may end up reading much like a scatter brained post. For that, apologies. Hopefully I will be back on top of whatever ball I was on top of pre-coffee addiction. I’m even getting these freaky withdrawal headaches I have always heard other folks getting, but never experiencing the joy myself until…well, now.

Recently a fellow Japanese student of mine (not Japanese, btw, studying Japanese), with his own fantabulous blog (muchos jealous of his CSS wizardry), inquired as to J-rock reccomendations via Twitter (where else?), which got me thinking about my taste in Japanese, nay generally Asian, music. I really, really love Korean and Japanese urban music – bands like the K!rappers Epik High.

There’s an awesome video of their live performance of Fan, one of their most popular tracks from way back in ’07. The use of traditional instruments with the modern musical style is simply amazing to listen to (damned if I know what they’re saying though!):

And as far as Japanese music is concerned, it’s pretty much the same deal; urban/rap/jazz, although I do love electro and one of my obsessions a la moment is replaying this track pretty much over and over again:

Though I also love m-flo (rapping duo who collaborate with every big name on the asian music scene), every time I have broached them with a Japanese person, I get silence. Utter silence. And awkward, too. In any case they are pretty cool in both Japanese and English – unlike some singers where you do, deep in your heart, feel a little bit sorry for their jagged pronounciation.

The track “Picture Perfect” (a collab with MONKEY MAJIK, who I don’t really listen to other than this), is mostly in such good English I end up feeling slightly less studious for listening to it!

UPDATE: You know how I recently posted about sharing the love for Colonel Sanders? Well guess who popped up over on @ Tokyo Mango – this guy gets up to his fair share of adventures!

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