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Wherever I lay my hat

June 29, 2009

Just met up with my mum for lunch – it is now officially my first day Home!

Moved out of the beloved Edinburgh flat last evening, after much cleaning, which also meant I had to wave goodbye to a good deal of my magazine collection (there was quite a back catalogue…). Mum admitted over coffee (mine’s was an iced coconut latte – all about trying crazy syrups!) that she avoided looking at the prices of said magazines, but reckoned there was a couple of hundred pounds worth of glossy goodness. And with an abundance of ‘zines from £2-£3.60 it’s pretty easy to be burning money on what is my awful addiction. There’s Elle, Glamour, Grazia (occasionally. Although there is much dislike for the Grazia girls – I personally disagree with 80% of their fashion related items, but *shrug*, each to their own, right?), Marie Claire…not to mention foreign magazines that I buy – although my primary source is gone now, it being the International Newspaper store along the Royal Mile. Mostly French, occasionally Italian and on the off chance, Japanese if I can nab one.

The Home Town is pretty sunny today, actually. I am in a state of shock. The only thing between it and the blazing glorious summer weather is this sickly thin cloud patching over the sky. It has gauzed the sun up and alas, made it slightly less pleasant. So difficult to please!

Apparently the summers in Tokyo are much, much warmer (I bumped into one of my Sensei the other day, she said the average about now across the eastern pond was 30C) – mushi-atsui seems to sum this up pretty well. Uncovered a couple of..enlightening blog posts about the word: JMGlov & In Kawasaki. Personally, I look foward to it! Although I was thinking, walking back from the lunch date, there ought to be a t-shirt somewhere with a warning sign along the lines of “I get pissy in endless humid weather” with some form of apology on the back for when you stomp away. More gimmicky of course – won’t ever get a job designing tee logos, that’s for sure!

Well, I’m making this a short, but sweet, post for now, as there is housework and sunbathing to be done. And kanji revision. (How does one transmit a tone of sarcastic glee in type?)

A Tune for Today:

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