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Bundled up end-of-the-day thinkings

July 1, 2009

I have found the FUNNIEST goddamn mameshiba advert on youtube. Discovered it whilst apathetically trawling the internets, in an attempt to distract from the muggy weather – it’s been so so hot today! Sat out in the garden tanning, until the heat was really too much, although inside was not much better! Oh, air conditioning – where for art thou?

Anyhow, I keep laughing every time I watch this. Every time. It’s just brilliant.

So yeah, went food shopping – walked to the store and met mon pere there. I prodded him into buying some udon and edamame. Alas, Home does not have much to offer by way of coffee houses nor Japanese cuisine. Clearly now is the time to DIY it.

Tomorrow I visit the delightful little Chinatown – there’s a Manchurian restaurant that I love. The building is styled, slightly cheesily, with a pagoda-esque roof as golden dragons slither about its gilded entrance. The supermarket next door is a warehouse of sorts; its roof extends so far skywards it’s hard not to notice the vacuous balloon above you at all times. I love the fact it plays similarly cheesy Chinese pop ballads. Despite the lack of decorum, said supermarket pretty much sells everything. The front cover is plain, but the content, comprehensive.

Mum made me promise also to buy everybody some gorgeous fans – to look great with and hopefully maintain some air of cool in these humid times! The days have been rolling by, so gently I feel like my life has been transplanted into some Miyazaki movie. Speaking of which, I am intruiged to see the latest Ghibli film, even if looks a little too Totoro for my liking – apparently the Ponyo song was pretty big when it first came out:

In contrast, a friend, what you might call in Japanese a 竹馬の友 (chikuba-no-tomo) is having a parrrrty this Friday that I am looking foward to. There’s a bottle full of Irish Cream liquer in preparation sitting on my desk, although it was disheartening I didn’t manage to acquire absinthe instead. Tried a shot once, done with the sugar/fire and everything, and it was ah-mazing. Classmate once tried to scare me off the stuff with tales of his friend who, after drinking half the bottle, claimed his feet were talking to him only to spend the rest of the night huddling behind the sofa in fear. This was absolutely the wrong tactic, as it makes the task of purchasing + drinking much more rogueishly attractive.

Well…life is short、ね?

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