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Oh the Deutscher ガールズ

July 4, 2009

Oh I miss cameras on days like these!

After a brief interlude of cloud, the sun made its blazing entrance and stayed in the perfectly clear sky all day since. Thank god for the breeze, or it would’ve turned us all into snarly, over-humidified monsters! When the air went still, well, the experience is much like what I imagine being that ant-under-the-magnifying-glass felt like. Therefore, the arteries of the city centre by noon were clogged with all manner of folks, and what seemed to be some bizarre undercurrent crowd running along the shade.

Alas, I have had only disposable cameras with which to capture the uncommonly pleasant weather – but there’s somethingnice about them. Nostalgia mixed with anticipation over what the photos will turn out like. It’s kind of nice.

In any case, I went out to Town with my mother and little sister – we set out early to beat the inevitable crowds. After picking up some essential items from Marks n’ Sparks, we headed on off on somewhat a bookstore tour of the streets. During which time I picked up the cutest watercolour set – a compact, wee suitcase-shaped case, with its own brush and set of pans and detachable pallette. Oh the portable JOY!

Next, we sheltered in Waterstones’ Costa. This paticular branch’s travel & language section being so abismal, I spent our coffee break pouring over kanji instead. After strolling and soaking up the sun some more, we simply swapped one coffee for another and ran off to this adorable store – Books & Beans.

Books & Beans is a three-floor second-hand bookstore-meets-cafe. I hadn’t ever gone inside before; always mentally condeming it to being stuffy and cramped, though, to my surprise, it was neither. In fact, Books & Beans is quite possibly better than any other cafe I frequented in Edinburgh! As reccomended by a friend, I picked up an old copy of The Great Gatsby and Madam Bovary, for idle summer reading. My sister curled up like a kitten in a big chair, like a little creature in a shell – so cute! Until she started correcting me of course. I sat on one of the window seat-benches (I’d say benches, but they were so awfully comfy it’d be somewhat an injustice), taking photos of the crazy interior, drinking my coconut latte (seriously, try it), listening to the music..granted, I was also oggling some of the very cute guys straying twixt bookshelves.

After quite a stint in the bookstore we made haste  (or I bade it!) to the International Market – there were people everywhere! I loved the feeling of being lost in voices and sound – you could smell the sausages from the German stall, various creperies, some Spanish stalls selling paella and other stalls selling necklaces, scarves, bags or giant swathe dresses. The little sis tipped a huge quantity of brightly coloured sweets at the Pick n’ Mix. Then we took a bunch of silly photos at this one stall, set up with several levels of crazy, crazy shades!

In the end I bought a pair, slightly more subtle than others – one had the frames fashioned into two black swans facing each other! Another was white, with an eiffel tower sticking out, another was purple with bells…they wre amazing! So much more beyond the, now widely available, Lolita glasses (red, heart shaped frames). One was made to look like a couple of cocktail glasses, whilst some were very Dame Edna!

But it got too crowded, too hot, so the following destination was home (after running into a couple of shops along the way). There was more studying, sitting at the kitchen table with the curtains open and sunlight spread over the pages. My brother and sister were playing the wii, so  suffice to say, study did not last long. Restless as ever, I went out solo to the chinese supermarket – smaller than memory  provides. And also they didn’t stock edamame! Utterly gutted. So I bought a small tin of wasabi peas instead, and trekked back home under that constant sun.

Tiring, but satisfying!

And now I have Adam Ant tunes rolling around my cranium. Can’t wait to visit Books & Beans again.

Old photo from Newcastle that makes me think of summer

Old photo from Newcastle that makes me think of summer

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