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September 13, 2009

(Since the test has been and gone, we now have around five days clear to do whatever. However, I think I’m making this weekend a quiet one, trying to tidy up a bit & get this recycling done. So no photos today!)

There are so many movies I wanna see coming out soon – when will they reach Japan?!

Btw; Summer Finn, is this not the best name ever?

“Oh, so I’m Nancy?”

“You can watch the buildings, look at the people, sometimes meet somebody you feel like you can talk to”

Can’t WAIT to see this. Love the music too (“Destroy Everything you Touch” by Ladytron)

“Sehptehmba ees the Jahnuary of fahshion

Apparently, cinema tickets over here are preeetty pricey. Somewhere around a tenner (in British pounds, that is). And how do you ask if you can book a 3D movie?

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