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Just Another Mita Monday & Then There Was Shinjuku

September 17, 2009

On Monday I went into Tokyo for something or other, and found myself pottering toward my Mita campus, having catalogued quite feriouciously the whole journey thus far.

Looking back toward the dorms whilst ascending a great big ol’ slope up to Shin-Kawasaki station.

Oh ye of little faith, where there is coffee, there is a way. To what you ask? To anything. So long as the beverages are caffeinated.

This delightful store is just across from the very impressive main gate to Keio. It sticks out like a sore, but swanky, thumb against the grey highrises.

…I like to take photos of signs. Obsessively.

There were these little, low angled stone statues at the entrance to the first “koen” (public park) I came across, just up the road from Mita campus. The area is Shiba, so there are all these Shiba-Koen about. The first I visited was smaller and empty save for quite a few hobos – Japanese hobos, which means they were equipped with bicycles on which they somehow maintained balance whilst pedalling with great binliners’ worth of wordly possessions.

Having recalled my primary objective for trekking in to Tokyo (a phone), and not being overly impressed by the Shiba-Koen, I took the subway from Shiba station straight into the pulsing heart of Shinjuku.

I love the graffiti, the posters and tags around this city!

There was something funny about this display of suspended foodstuffs , as if frozen in time or preserved from some ancient, crepe-loving, civilisation…

The phone issue remains unresolved, needing some kind of person ages 20+ with official standing (being under this age, I can’t simply purchase it!) to sign forms & parade downtown with me, to presumabley demonstrate I am not some young hoodlum.

So then, it was homeward bound.

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