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Happy Days/Harajuku Days

September 29, 2009

You know what I just can’t find here in Japan?

Blu Tac.

And on that note, some pictures of “The Day We Went To See Harajuku Girls But They Were On Holiday (by that, it turned out they were all too busy queuing for a Hello Kitty exhibition for around seven whopping floors in La Foret)”. Faced with the bridge somewhat lacking in frilled dresses, parasols of an exceedingly lacey nature, striped knee socks and platform shoes to put Sarkozy to shame, we set off for the nearby Meiji-Jingu instead.

Me & Karen were being utter shutterbugs when we were told that there was a wedding proscession doing the rounds! Camera toting gaijin rushed out of the woodwork to surround them. I might have appreciated the beauty more, though I could not stop thinking how awful it must’ve been for the bride, swaddled in layers and layers of silk and god knows what else, trotting about under the blazing Sunday sun at midday. The guests didn’t seem too chuffed either, tagging along and trotting like a line of disgruntled zombies. OK, zombies is maybe a bit harsh. Less undead and maggoty, more lights-are-on-but-nobody’s-home. Plus I don’t think zombies wear pretty dresses.






Post obligatory shrine trip, we pottered about Harajuku for a while, and fled for cover from the sun, stopping off at the delightfully quirky Kokoro. I had, as always, a maccha iced latte and from the vantage point of an awesomely decorated cafe, watched the world roll by.





Mmmmm! My very yummy drink – in Japan they often serve these things with your drink, like the little containers for milk at fast food places or hotels, but instead of dairy, you get liquid syrup. Maccha can be served bitter (like the tea) or sweet (like whot Starbucks do) – even the ice cubes were tasty!


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  1. Jenny Bright permalink
    September 29, 2009 7:06 am

    OMG your awesome sis!
    love you lots,


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