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Walkin’ on Sunshine…

October 7, 2009

Well it’s just a bit past 8am over here, and Typhoon 18 has struck.

Woke up to see my window misted up, but could hear the smattering rainfall and gale force through the air ventilation.

As of yesterday, the Keio website prompted students of both the Japanese Language and International programs to attend their classes. Thank god my timetable’s clear till lunch, as they have not yet updated their stance for the early risers with classes starting at 9am today!

My camera’s MIA whilst the battery charges, but I managed to snap some shots on my mobile whilst taking the short trip to the 100 yen store (bought coffee, go figure).

The wind isn’t that bad; nor is the rain. Comparable with a pretty bad day in Scotland, but nothing too serious. I went by the river, though, and it’s already swollen. Tiny old men wrapped in fluoro orange body suits were tip-toeing down towards the rushing waters, like characters from a Terry Gilliam-meets-the-Telletubbies skit.

But then the real rain started. I had my umbrella – just in case – but wasn’t using it until I got to the river. The rain was not nice, but very bearable to someone used to downpours. Out of nowhere it seemed, huge, heavy raindrops pedalled themselves outta the sky at an incredible rate. It was a task to keep my eyes open under its aquatic onslaught, so there was no choice but to retreat under the see-through plastic protection of an umbrella I’d nabbed from the dorm foyer.

Some poor suit had a fancy old fabric umbrella – not that it did him any good. The wind was tearing him a new one, but he simply ducked his head and marched on.

But so far, not-so-bad (touch wood) – from my balcony window I can see the sun…even if I can also hear the strong winds kicking up a fuss. If Keio giveth the exchange student no choice, well, it is entirely possible to get to class if the weather doesn’t get worse. Just means ain’t nobody going to be looking their best today. – Which is kind of liberating when you go to a uni for posh kids and rich folks’ children. Anyone trying to look cool in this weather gets minus points.

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