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Down by Yagami River

October 8, 2009


The typhoon swept over us fast, and left in its wake a day of cancelled classes and sunshine.

I’ve not been having a good day today. Something feels off, though I can’t pinpoint where in the neurons a nasty electric vibe has been sent. Philisophical malaise aside, I went down to my new favourite place to sit & chill – the nearby river, less than a minute from the dorm.


There’s something very peaceful about it, amidst the technology and the wires and the sounds and the tiny vans that look like lego pieces, is a place which feels like home. Like somewhere you could find back in Scotland, just another murky old river.

Couple of days back I was trying to draw the rocks in the water (a lot harder than most people would think), and an old woman stopped just to speak to me, she said I was very good and asked if drawing was my hobby to which I hestitatingly replied (in doubtless horrific Japanese) that thank you, yes it was. I didn’t catch the end notes of what she said but smiled and waves as she went off. The palpable awkwardness somewhat offset by her geniune amicable gesture.

Since then, I’ve really liked just going down to Yagami river when I’m bored, or, as today, in somewhat of a slump.


Further down the path, if you follow a straight line across the bridge, is a little overgrown patch of no-mans land, perhaps a reserved plot for more, ugly housing. For lack of anything better to do I went down and had myself a summery photoshoot.






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