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Of Recent Nighttime Excursions

October 29, 2009

Long time, no update! On my (kind of) day off, blogger’s guilt has caught up to me. The recent hoo-har has been about changing courses at Keio – and I am now, despite having to go to campus every day, much happier for it. Keio offers a “Comprehensive Course” and an “Alternative Course” with twelve different levels. For those taking a year to study seriously, you will be expected to take a higher level for the second semester.

The “Comprehensive Course” involves taking two periods (each period lasting 1 hour 3omins) from 9AM till about quarter to one on alternating days + one extra subject worth at least 1 credit to make up to the 7 credits minimum.

The “Alternative Course” scraps these side-by-side early morning “Core Classes” and means the student has to make their 7 credits out of “Subjects with a Specific Focus“. Depending on your level you can take Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced or Higher Advanced subjects, within which there are different stages of difficulty like “Intermediate Grammar I”/”Intermediate Grammar II” so on, so forth.

In any case, the camera and my purse have been slightly MIA of late, and here’s where all my money’s been going…


My Teppanyaki sitting on the hotplate @ a Shibuya Okonomiyaki Restaurant




An impressive okonomiyaki!

Another night out in Shibuya (ahahaha), this time with some old friends also on exchange. We went to Starbucks, checked out an “Irish” pub and then played around in the nearby arcade.



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