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新川崎動物園 (We went to the Zoo!)

November 4, 2009

Being 文化の日 (“Bunka no Hi”, lit., Culture Day), a holiday in Japan, yesterday some of the dormies and myself went out to find the local zoo. Wanted to do more on my only real day off of the week, but I was still suffering severe lack of yen. Incidentally, Shin-Kawasaki Zoo is both nearby AND free, hidden away up this sloping path I’d never noticed before. It’s only a small place, but lovely nonetheless. There was a small temple too, and a park where all the families were picnic’ing and playing frisbee.






The deers having a little cute moment ;)


Then, there were the penguins. Being such co-operative models, a small herd of shutterbugs had gathered about them…myself included.


“KIKEN!” (“Danger!”)

– A sign warning, most likely over enthusiastic kids, not to try and climb over the glass.






Me & Karen couldn’t see over the high wall! According to our taller companions the view was pretty good. Fortunately on our way back, just by the entrance it’s possible to look out over Shin-Kawasaki – we even saw Mount Fuji in the distance.



The weather was suprisingly cold, so we stayed out till late afternoon before fleeing back to the nice, warm dorm!

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