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From Shibuya to Harajuku

November 19, 2009

Was bored one day and thus ventured out, on my own, to Shibuya, freshly bought billingual map of Tokyo in hand, to test my directional skills. And maybe do a spot of shopping, too.

When I arrived in Shibuya, immediately exiting from Hachiko Exit, I was faced with a huge crowd. They were forming some kind of cult circle around something, so, doing what most folks woud do, I decided to have a nose. See what was so cool.

Alas, being the midget in a crowd makes taking good snaps somewhat of a challenge…

There must have been some kind of music appreciation ‘do going on down, because after the marching band marched up and away, it was only a couple of minutes until I ran into another band scene!

The banner reads "Shibuya Music Festival". Which expains a lot.

Then there were these guys set up outside of Shibuya 109 (massive, massive department store. Random fact: Japanese department stores do half floors. There’s that much demand for space, there are such things as say, a floor between 2nd and 3rd. Oh, and they use the American system here. Which translates as no ground floor – sacrilige!).

It was a mostly guy band, fronted by this tiny Japanese girl singing her heart out (no really, this girl was practically yelling) to some kind of jazz/Rn’B fusion. I rather liked it, slightly dodgy vocals aside…

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