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Have a break…

November 21, 2009

Not much new to report. Not yet, leastways. Went to my campus’ festival and was bombarded by takoyaki-pushing stall denizens.

Convient excuse #1: I’m vegetarian. Although sometimes this also required explaining to the Japanese person this meant I didn’t eat meat or fish. It was quite wierd that 99% of their reactions to this were a mixture of confusion and horror. Vegetarianism really doesn’t seem to go down well, or maybe it was just that this made me an awfully difficult customer to woo.

Convient (not true) excuse #2: I’m diabetic. Ahahaha, yes. Desperate measures were required to fend off the other half of the stall people, the ones trying to get you to buy ridiculously unhealthy, sugary treats.

Alas, I only brought my film camera, so no shots of the festival just yet…

In any case I have stumbled upon one of the awesomest websites on the internet:

Jen’s Kit Kat Blog

Courtesy of selva@flickr

Ever the source of amusement and joy for gaijin, the sheer mass of different (sometimes questionable) flavours of kit kat know no bounds. It’s comforting to see I’m not the only one obsesssed (on a part time basis) with ’em.

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