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Ready for my Close-Up

December 17, 2009

Meet my two little friends I picked up in Ginza

Who are they? A pair of stray Shisa I picked up at the Okinawan store. Shisa are the lion-type guardians of temples in Okinawa, almost always appearing in pairs.

They’re very excitable and curious, so here’s what they found…

Shutterbugs will know, Japan is THE place to go and pick up some new additions to their collections. Tokyo paticularly is teeming with camera stores old and new. So, keeping in mind to make the most of my favourable living location, bought two very lovely film cameras you wouldn’t expect to find in a month of Sundays back home.

Among the cheaper end of the film camera scale, left Fujifilm InstaMax Mini 7s Choco (if I recall correctly) & right Ikimono Flash (Harinezumi “Hedgehog” Model).

While the Ikimono works like the old style film cameras you can simply re-use, the Fujifilm is akin to polaroid: you take a photo and it comes out the top; give it a few seconds in warm hands or a pocket, and viola, you have a photo!

I’ve seen so many beautiful old cameras, Leica and real Polaroids (with film sold too! All kinds of film can be found preety easily, s’long as you know where to go)…alas these models will cost you upwards of 40,000 yen…

Here are some shots from the Fujifilm of Mita-Sai. Feels so long ago!

Couple of more shots. The book was a giant set-up right by the impressive gates, although playing with the settings I got quite an interesting effect!

Of course those cheeky two above or not the only shisa around…

That’s right! Aside from Totoro I also wrangled an adorable wee strap for the keitai (mobile)…

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Polly Math permalink
    December 17, 2009 4:06 pm

    Ahhhh – they are gorgeous but..please…how many cameras does a girl in Tokyo need!!

  2. Jenny Bright permalink
    December 17, 2009 4:15 pm

    Those are sooooo cute sis! where in the name of science did you get them!
    Plus, why do you need like 100 cameras?!

    LOL,(lots of love)

    xxx :)

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