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And enter the New Year, Stage Left!

January 7, 2010

Hello, 2010.

So that’s one decade over. Decade. Sounds ominous, so much time. At least we’re over the “Noughties” (my least favourite nickname-for-a-decade) – what are we now? I’m sure someone will come up with something suitably witty before the turn of 2020.

It’s also been a while since my last post – Oops. Here’s a quick update on what’s been up in the life chez moi.

Christmas Eve

  • Had a “Secret Santa” present swapping with people from the dorm. Got the bestest SS pressie ever.

Isn't it adorable? It's a model of a Lomo Twin-Reflex Camera, I believe, which has been attached to my phone ever since!

Christmas Day

  • Went ice-skating in Akasaka-Mistuke, in the outdoor skating rink with friends and friends-of-friends!

  • Afterwards we trotted to a nearby izakaya, had some drinks, light nibbles accompanied by delightful conversation before heading off to Shibuya.
  • Took Christmas purikura! In Shibuya. Hung out and then headed off home for a good night’s sleep (not before unwrapping some presents!)

New Year’s Eve’s Eve

  • Visited a Cat Cafe with two friends from home – my first time! – in Ikebukuro. It was wierd at first. Being a completely alien enviroment, it was suprisingly easy to get used to once you forget this homely little “cafe” is tucked several stories up in the middle of an arcade center area. Unlimited drinks on tap, cats, and even a Nintendo Wii!

New Year’s Eve/Day!

  • Despite having alternate, more wholesome, New Years Plans (namely, to go see the countdown @ Tokyo Tower) I was dragged izakaya’ing and then to a club, where hideous drunkeness happened and the most of the first day of 2010 was spent sleeping it off…

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