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February 6, 2010



Recently it’s been getting quite chilly here.


Today in paticular, it was extreemely windy…These days I haven’t really been going out anywhere and end up simply studying, so fed up with with the same-old I decided to go visit a place I’d never been before – Naka Meguro – without realising quite how hideous the weather had become.

I fell in like with Naka-Meguro. At first glance, it looks barren; dull, however there is so much life in the area, spaced out and hidden in the network of back streets.


Reminded me of:

I found the giant Aquariam-in-the-Wall by Don Quixote (a chain store in Tokyo that sells a massive variety of things, practical and otherwise):

I found a Turkish restaurant with porthole windows, a small bar incorparated with a takeaway taco booth, a 3 storey cafe wrung in fairylights with outdoor seating, a bakery born in 1995, and got entranced by an amazing furniture/lifestyle store stocked withall the delightfully random things I-Wish-I-Could-Justify-Purchasing (case in point: felt bird chandeliars, knitted woolen wall clocks, eiffel tower lamps, fake classical book tissue boxes, butterflies on strings, a “samurai umbrella” and toadstool tables).

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