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What’s in a Name?

February 8, 2010

Trying to find kanji for my name (Claire).

  • For starters possible “ku”/”kure” kanji: 久(ku; used in the term “hisashiburi” – similar to “long time, no see!”)、暮 (ku/kure; can mean in words like 暮れ方 etc twilight/sunset)、紅 (ku/kure; crimson)
  • Whilst I really like 暮 and 紅 in paticular, because you can also pronounce them “kure” it might make having a “re(i)” kanji rather redundant, and there is one rei kanji I have my eye on, first given to me by a Japanese friend back home (he gave me the kanji : 久麗亜): 麗, the kanji from 綺麗 (usually written as きれい/kirei; it means pretty and/or beautiful. Like a necklace, or a famous actress!)
  • In terms of the “ah” at the end of my name (when accented in Japanese Claire = ku-re(i)-ah) there are a meagre selection of kanji used phoenetically for the sound, rather than a meaning: 亜、阿、亞 or these two: 愛 (love)、安(in compounds like 安心、安全 has a feeling of safety, however, standalone and in other common compounds it means cheap. Lovely.)

Right now likely combinations are:




So for a bit of fun I decided to check out their fortunes, called 姓名判断 seimeihandan (say-may-han-dahn). In Japanese, whilst there are different ways to determine the luck of one’s name, it is typically related to a mix of pronounciation/strokes within a kanji/a comparison of strokes between first and other kanji – so given the endless Japanese homophones I presume it must be pretty complex…

(a note; in japanese the “maru” (circle) is used to mark answers as being correct, a triangle is like an “almost there” and the “batsu” (X) is used, like back home, to mark an answer wrong. In the context of fortunes therefore, a circle is good, triangle is so-so, and a cross….well…)

So here’s an example:


総運22× 順調な人生も晩年に向かい運気衰退。晩年の家族運悪く、犯罪傾向も。

General Fortune: Have an alright life, though luck will decline as you get older. (Not sure about the translation for this bit, it’s rather strange!) Later on in life your family’s fortunes may turn sour, and there is a possible tendency to involvement in crime. (!)

人運 9△ 特異な才能で注目されるが挫折しがち。誠実だが消極的。

Personal Fortune: You will be noticed for your unique abilities, however you will also be prone to feeling discouraged. You are an honest person, but also quite half-hearted/unmotivated.

外運13○ 明るく、華やかで楽しい人生に。大勢の活気ある環境で個性が生きます。

Outer Fortune (I think this may mean one’s fortunes with other people, in the context of society..): You will enjoy your life cheerfuly and with flair. Living in a crowded, lively enviroment you find your individuality.

伏運31◎ 強運の持ち主。

Hidden(?) Fortune (the first kanji has a meaning of laying something on/in the ground, being hidden or being overpowered/made to do something, so I’m not sure how that relates to one’s fortunes…): You hold good luck.

地運22△ 見栄、薄弱挫折、晩年衰退運。

Earth Fortune: You have charm, but also a weakness for getting frustrated and discouraged. In your later years your luck will decline.

天運△ Heavenly Fortune: So-so

陰陽 △ あまり良くない配列です。 Ying & Yang: Not such a good arrangement.

Conclusion: Eek! Doesn’t seem so good!

Below the cut fortunes for 暮愛、紅麗愛、紅麗阿

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