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By Way of The Green Line Bus

February 11, 2010

Today, being a miserable day, I cooped myself indoors and supplied with soup. With little else at hand but study books and a netbook, this afternoon has been dedicated to re-watching favourite films.

The chance viewing of Rushmore has re-awakened my appreciation for Wes Anderson works.

I love his cliche/trademark cinematography moves; the saturation, the sideways frame…Or amusingly awkward dialogue delivered straight-faces. Not to mention near obsessive featuring of Bill Murray (hey, I ain’t complaining)…

I also love getting drawn into his style – the way characters dress, the details of settings, the way it expresses such natural visual charm.

Speaking of visual charm, it’s about time to do something with The Hair. Maintaining one’s blonde locks in Tokyo appears to be an expensive habit, unfortunately.

(Blonde hair dye is sold almost like a daft party item, and all of which contain – witholding a shudder – bleach. Whilst the Japanese blondes I have seen look like they’re wearing wigs – the colouring is too perfect and uniform. Apparently foil highlighting is not done so much over on these fair shores, but for any sister Blondies faring for Nippon, expect updates on the stitch.)

Here are some movie inspired ‘dos that have caught my eye:

Wednesday Addams (“The Addams Family”)

Enid (“Ghost World”)

Snow White (“Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs)

Kathy Baker (“Edward Scissorhands”)

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