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Third of the Third: ひな祭り 2010

March 3, 2010


Hinamatsuri is the seasonal festival in which prayers are made for girl’s to grow up healthy and strong. Lovely.

Hinamatsuri is one of the points in the calendar signalling the onset of spring; it’s not just the Kitkat that’s getting a makeover. Seasonal fruit 桃 (momo, peach) is used for “limited edition” everything (more on which later).

Here are a couple of snaps (taken with the mobile phone camera, so obviously not stunning quality) from the display in our local supermarket:

And I have spent this year’s Hinamatsuri gloriously lazy and yet somehow, studiously without strain. So whilst the weather is as exciting as Scotlands (oh, nostalgia) today has been, all things considered, a rather lovely wee day. Huzzah.

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