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Books, Glorious Books

March 27, 2010

Books. Stationary. Puffy stickers. Phone straps.

Each of these things is the equivalent of a black hole to my (nonexistant) purse. Caught in the gravity, I am at odds to escape the inexorable tug of a book or stationary store. With little hope of freedom I throw myself freely into abandon and thus, with a flush of new money, find myself tired but satiated at the end of a day dragging along a bag of tricks:

"Tokyo Art Navi": A Guide to Tokyo's various art spots entirely a la Japanese

"Tokyo Sotoasa Gohan": Soto-Asa being a corrupted form of soto ("outside") & asa ("morning") this impish light read details in Japanese various places out-and-about to enjoy one's breakfast outdoors.

Illustrated vocabulary and situational phrase book for Okinawan's specific dialect. Surprisingly comprehensive and pleasingly weighty.

"Bunkei Jisho": Glorious glossary of grammar. Hefty and helpful, with definition, usage, nuances and examples all given in Japanese, sold also for Japanese looking to hone their grammar.


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