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Suki(e) In The Graveyard

April 19, 2010

Fortuitously coinciding with the arrival of family to Tokyo back in March, that week’s previously miserable weather was broken in by a beautiful day. Sun: no clouds, only a feather light breeze. Conditions were an obvious sign for sunbathing. Last time the weather was this good, my balcony was converted into a makeshift outdoor office: a spare blanket became the carpet, office chair was put out, the outside vent-machine (for the air condintioner) made the perfect wee desk on which to place study books, magazines and snacks. I spent the entire day out on my balcony, studying and sunbathing, only to wake up the next day to rain and a red face/arms/neck/chest…

Before the sour bout, however, in my boredom I had woken up super early and taken the chance stillness of the hour to explore the neighbourhood some more; namely the graveyard behind the Aoki Suit Store. Built on the side of a hill, there was something quite magical about discovering the nooks and crannies where hidden steps led to another small plateau.

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